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Jessica Tubbs
(205) 342-3298
1927 7th Street
Tuscaloosa, AL
Family Law, Divorce
Secondary Specialties
Grandparent Rights, Name Changes, Children's Rights, State Child Protection, Visitation, Annulment, Foster Care, Paternity, Restraining Orders, Enforcement Actions, Uncontested Divorce, Adoptions, Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR), Child Support, Custody, Restraining Orders, Division of Property, Collaborative Law, Child Support, Delinquent Support Payments, Custody/Visitation Rights, Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Alimony/Palimony/Spousal Support
LL.M. in Tax (In Progress), The University of Alabama School of Law, 2010
State Licensing

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Karen N. Dice
(205) 758-2824
2824 Seventh Street
Tuscaloosa, AL
Wayne L. Williams
(205) 345-7600
2617 Eighth Street
Tuscaloosa, AL
Mark A. Scogin
(205) 758-5591
2728 Eighth Street, P.O. Box 2786
Tuscaloosa, AL
Mary Turner
(205) 247-5011
2312 University Boulevard, P.O. Box 21329
Tuscaloosa, AL
Victoria A. Farr
(205) 366-0072
3600 Watermelon Road, Suite 203
Northport, AL
Ritchie L. Tipton
(205) 758-4676
1010A 22nd Avenue
Tuscaloosa, AL
Daniel C. Lemley
(205) 345-3551
2711 Sixth Street
Tuscaloosa, AL
Laurie A. Brantley
(205) 758-5591
2728 Eighth Street, P.O. Box 2786
Tuscaloosa, AL
Jane K. Dishuck
(205) 758-9044
810 27th Avenue, P.O. Box 20677
Tuscaloosa, AL
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