DDC Diagnostics Center Cheyenne WY

Looking for help from DDC Diagnostics Center near Cheyenne, WY? We"re here for you. DNA Diagnostics Center has been the largest provider of DNA tests in the U.S. and worldwide for more than 10 years. Each day, our DNA testing consultants receive thousands of calls from individuals, families and high-profile cases. We serve our clients throughout the U.S. and worldwide through our large network of sample collection sites. Our mission is to provide the best, most accessible and affordable DNA testing services to our clients, wherever they are. Call us now at 1-800-359-9465.

Laura Jean Jackson
(307) 635-0710
2120 Carey Avenue, Suite 300, P.O. Box 87
Cheyenne, WY
Family, Estate Planning, Elder Law
University of Wyoming College of Law,University of Wyoming
State Licensing

Scott A. Homar
(307) 634-1525
1800 Carey Avenue, Suite 700, P.O. Drawer 467
Cheyenne, WY
Donald E. Miller
(307) 638-8885
Suite One, 408 West 23rd Street
Cheyenne, WY
Anthony F. Ross
(307) 632-8957
307 East 18th Street
Cheyenne, WY
Ronald G. Pretty
(307) 634-0586
309 West 18th Street
Cheyenne, WY
Loretta R. Green
(307) 634-2184
1821 Logan Avenue, P.O. Box 568
Cheyenne, WY
Frederic C. Reed
(307) 634-1346
American National Bank Building, 1912 Capitol Avenue, Suite 507, P.O. Box 3
Cheyenne, WY
D. Stephen Melchior
(307) 637-2323
2011 Central Avenue
Cheyenne, WY
Tracy L. Zubrod
(307) 778-2557
400 East 20th Street
Cheyenne, WY
Sean W. Scoggin
(307) 632-0808
1720 Carey Avenue, Suite 520
Cheyenne, WY