Genetic Testing Rapid City SD

Looking for Genetic Testing near Rapid City, SD? DNA Diagnostics Center has been the largest provider of DNA tests in the U.S. and worldwide for more than 10 years. Each day, our DNA testing consultants receive thousands of calls from individuals, families and high-profile cases. We serve our clients throughout the U.S. and worldwide through our large network of sample collection sites. Our mission is to provide the best, most accessible and affordable DNA testing services to our clients, wherever they are. Call us now at 1-800-359-9465.

Kent R. Hagg
(605) 348-1125
601 W. Boulevard
Rapid City, SD
Terri Lee Williams
(605) 342-1078
440 Mount Rushmore Road, 3rd and 4th Floors, P.O. Box 8045
Rapid City, SD
Rebecca A. Porter
(605) 343-6443
706 St. Joseph Street, P.O. Box 8026
Rapid City, SD
Steven R. Nolan
(605) 343-1040
818 St. Joseph Street, P.O. Box 2670
Rapid City, SD
John R. Murphy
(605) 342-2909
615 Kansas City Street, P.O. Box 5634
Rapid City, SD
James L. Waggoner
(605) 342-0540
731 St. Joseph Street, P.O. Box 254
Rapid City, SD
David M. Dillon
(605) 341-0796
405 East Omaha Street, Suite D, P.O. Box 2979
Rapid City, SD
Tina M. Hogue
(605) 348-6547
304 Main Street, P.O. Box 2934
Rapid City, SD
Thomas E. Simmons
(605) 342-1078
440 Mount Rushmore Road, 3rd and 4th Floors, P.O. Box 8045
Rapid City, SD
Jonathan M. Edwards
(605) 741-5040
112 Marie Avenue
North Sioux City, SD
Family Law, Divorce, Criminal Defense
Secondary Specialties
Collaborative Law, Child Abuse, Other Weapons & Devices, Marriage, Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR), Truancy, Domestic Violence, Public Schools, Search & Seizure, Name Changes, Stalking, Animal Abuse, Malicious Code, Drug Cultivation & Manufacturing, Restraining Orders, Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Uncontested Divorce, Guardianships & Conservatorships, Embezzlement, Child Abuse, Constitutional Rights Defense, Smuggling, Child Support, Extortion, Prostitution
Juris Doctor, University of South Dakota, 2008
State Licensing
South Dakota

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