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Looking for a Legal DNA Test near Bennettsville, SC? DNA Diagnostics Center has been the largest provider of DNA tests in the U.S. and worldwide for more than 10 years. Each day, our DNA testing consultants receive thousands of calls from individuals, families and high-profile cases. We serve our clients throughout the U.S. and worldwide through our large network of sample collection sites. Our mission is to provide the best, most accessible and affordable DNA testing services to our clients, wherever they are. Call us now at 1-800-359-9465.

Mahlon E. Padgett IV
(843) 479-6858
114 Liberty Street, P.O. Drawer 1177
Bennettsville, SC
Charles L. Hicks Jr.
(910) 276-7825
609 South Atkinson Street, P.O. Box 587
Laurinburg, NC
Vicki Johnson Snelgrove
(803) 649-5338
P.O. Box 2619
Aiken, SC
Family, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Adoption
University of South Carolina School of Law,University of South Carolina
State Licensing
South Carolina

Arthur E. White Jr.
(803) 796-7007
P.O. Box 5292
W. Columbia, SC
Family, Real Estate, Estate Planning, Criminal Defense, Administrative Law
Gonzaga University School of Law,Newberry College
State Licensing
South Carolina

Carolyn Russ Hills
(843) 626-2600
602-A 27th Ave. N
Myrtle Beach, SC
Criminal Defense, DUI, Personal Injury, Family
University of South Carolina School of Law,Coastal Carolina University,Immaculata College
State Licensing
South Carolina

Elizabeth B. Harris
(843) 479-2865
151 Broad Street, P.O. Drawer 995
Bennettsville, SC
Michael H. Murphy III
(843) 832-1120
136 W. Richardson Ave.
Summerville, SC
Workers Compensation, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Social Security, Family
Mississippi College School of Law
State Licensing
South Carolina

Ashby Lawton Jones
(803) 359-1003
303 South Lake Drive
Lexington, SC
Real Estate, Family, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death
University of South Carolina School of Law,Presbyterian College
State Licensing
South Carolina

S. Paul Aaron
(864) 271-5545
P.O. Box 1862
Clemson, SC
Family, Criminal Defense, Mediation
University of South Carolina School of Law,Clemson University
State Licensing
South Carolina

Mitchell A Norrell
(803) 289-1800
P.O. Box 994
Lancaster, SC
Family, Personal Injury, Bankruptcy, Probate, Social Security
Vanderbilt University Law School,Duke University
State Licensing
South Carolina

Opinion Corner
People in South Carolina shared their opinions about Paternity Testing
Do you personally know of anyone who has undergone paternity/maternity testing?
Yes: 61%
No: 38%
Unsure: 0%
Have you undergone paternity or maternity testing?
Yes: 11%
No: 88%
Rather not say: 0%
What was the reason that you underwent paternity/maternity testing?
Ordered by the court to prove I was/was not the parent: 33%
For my own proof that I was/was not the parent: 66%
To prove to the mother/father/child that I was/was not the parent: 0%
Other: 0%
Rather not say: 0%
Have any of your immediate family members ever undergone paternity/maternity testing?
Yes: 15%
No: 73%
Unsure: 11%
Please rate your level of agreement/disagreement with the following statement: It is a violation of constitutional rights and/or human rights for a court to order a person to undergo a paternity/maternity test.
Completely disagree: 46%
Mostly disagree: 19%
Neither agree or disagree: 23%
Mostly agree: 7%
Completely agree: 3%
Regarding the results of paternity/maternity tests, how well do you trust the results?
Completely distrust: 7%
Distrust: 3%
Unsure whether they are trustworthy or not: 15%
Trust: 50%
Completely trust: 23%